Puppy Education

Did you recently buy a puppy or are you the owner of a young dog? After living together with your dog for a certain time, a few questions will occur and you may struggle to answer them all by yourself. Maybe some first problems came up. My job is to guide you through all your questions and problems.


Many dog owners struggle to do a proper toilet training with their puppies or young dogs. Often the dog fails and you ask yourself what you are doing wrong, or why the dog doesn't understand what he should do (or in that case should not do). I can help you with the toilet training or show you how to make your dog a good co-driver in the car. Often it's hard for dog owners to teach their dogs to stay alone at home without destroying the furniture and  barking or howling. Staying alone at home ist something that you have to teach your dog step by step. I can show you, how to do this. Playing with your dog is important too. Puppies can be very rude when they are playing and their baby teeth are sharp and can hurt alot. To teach them how to play gently, it is important to train them bite impediment. I can help you teaching all those important things, not only because I am a dog coach, but I am a dog owner too, since over 20 years.


Every puppy and young dog is different. Some of them are already perfectly housetrained after a few weeks, but they still try to nibble at furniture or shoes or they don't want to stay at home alone. Others stay at home but don't want to play with their owners and everything outside is much more interesting than their own pawrents. I refer to all issues individually and can show you how to built up a nice, deep and intense relationship with your dog. Just let me become your personal dog coach!