My work as a dogcoach and the three most important questions; how, when and where?


Ich offer a coaching concept, which matches your needs and the needs of your dog. It`s important for me, that you can work with your dog on your own, that means my coaching concept is suitable for everyday use, easy to understand and workable. I guide you and you work with your dog on your own. It`s teamwork, so that you and your dog can become the perfect team. For me as a dog coach, it`s essential, that my coaching methods are gentle, free from violence, tender and family-friendly. If you are searching for a dogcoach for dog sports, then you are probably wrong here. I am adressed to dogowners, who are interested in a happy, confident, obedient dog. Working and living with your dogs shall be fun, both for you and for your dog. 




Contact me here, or call me, contact me via Whatsapp, SMS or Instagram. Many ways lead to success. Then we can make an appointment, either in personal at your place or via skype. 



At your place:

I become your personal dogcoach, which means, I come to your home, right there, where your questions came up or where problems occur. This way I get a true idea of you and your life and can respond to the specific needs of you and your dog. I can accompany you on your walks with your dog. If you need any advice in case you consider buying a dog, I can accompany you to a breeder or to the local animal shelter. I will support you as well if you need help with buying of any dog supplies.



Via Skype:

I developed a new concept which makes me able to coach you from the distance.There are lots of questions or smaller problems which can be answered or solved from the distance. It`s not always neccessary to visit you at home. For all those cases I offer an extened consultation via skype. This is the opportunity for you to ask all of your questions and I will answer them, no matter which distance lies between us. You can make short films in advance, which show your problem and send them to me via Whatsapp. Then we can meet via Skype and analyse your problem and find together the best solution. You see, online dog training is up-to-date, makes sense and is possible, no matter where you are, how the weather is and what time it is.



Private lesson at your place: SEK 400 plus travel costs / € 40 

Lesson via Skype: SEK 300 / € 30

Dogwalking: SEK 100 / € 15