Individual Problemsolution

Living together with dogs doesn't unfortunately mean that there are only good days. Sometimes problems occur which can't be solved without  help from another person. I can just encourage you with searching help, no matter how embarrassing or awkward it seams. It's hard to admit that you can't solve the problem by yourself or that you made some mistakes. You maybe feel weak or you are ashamed for your own failure. But if you have overcome your own shame and got yourself some help, you have overcome the deepest deep. A different opinion, a new point of view can lead to new ways of understanding.


The problems that can occur with having dogs have a large variety. This means every kind of aggression. For example territory aggression,  which is the protection of the own house or car. Anxiety aggression is another very common kind of aggression. Anyway, dogs who are overly anxious because of bad imprinting, the lack of opportunities to experience their environment or bad experiences in general, can develope lots of different problems. Furthermore, the fear of separation is a very common problem, as well as dominant behaviour against people or other dogs. Untreated dominant behaviour can lead to aggression. More problems that dogowners habe to face, are hyperactivity, unwanted prey drive or destroying behaviour. 


You faced one of those problems? Just get in contact with me and ask for a non-binding advice or an appointment. Either on skype or in personal. I will help you to solve your problems.