Daily Routine Training

„A dog can enjoy the most possible freedom, when he is well trained and able to blend into our every day life.“



Many dog owners want to have a well trained dog. Of course, well trained is a matter of definition. For me in personal, it means, having a dog that I am able to lead relaxed through my daily life. A dog who makes me happy, as well as I do vice versa. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a few cornerstones that guides us through the whole dog coaching process. I want to the explain them quickly to you.


At first, there are some basic commands which should know every dog owner, as well as their dogs. Those are SIT, LAY DOWN, STAY HERE and STOP IT. You want to know how to train those with your dog? I can teach you how to do this.


Walking on a leash is always very important in  daily life with a dog. Often dogs pull very hard, changing the side of the way or stop for sniffing every time they want. Sometimes the dog walks the owner and not, as it should be, vice versa. If you want to enjoy your walkies with your dog to the fullest, just ask for an appointment with me. 


You want to let your dog walk without a leash? Then it's important that he comes when you call him. But often, reality is different. I can support you with teaching the command HERE and making sure that your dogs comes to you, if you call him. 


In many cases, people have questions regarding the house rules. Which is the best place for dog to sleep? Where should I feed my dog? What should I do if my dog bothers my visitors or he barks when he hears certain sounds? Or are you soon going to be parents and you want your dog to accept the new family member right from the beginning? I can help you answer all your questions or solve your problems.


A good socialization is very important for the developement of the dog and should never be neglected. Idealy, your dog should be able to get along with other dogs and animals. Dealing with children and adults shouldn't be a problem for your dog either. Does your dog have any issues with people or animals? I can support you by finding a solution for your problem. Just get in contact with me to get your non-binding offer for an appointment, either on skype or in personal.