Consultation before and after purchasing a dog

You considered buying a dog, but you're not sure which breed or if you want a male or a female? Where you want to buy the dog? You want a dog from a breeder or from an animal shelter? Or do you want to buy a dog from the small ads? Are you interested in a puppy or do you prefer an adult dog? By purchasing a dog, many questions can occur, and especially for people who never owned a dog can struggle by trying to answer all those questions by themselves. I can help you finding the right answers to your questions.


You will put certain demands upon your new dog. Your dog will put certain demands upon you as well. Ideally, you will be able to fulfill the demans of your dog, vice versa as he will fulfill your demands. I will provide you comprehensive advice, as precondition for a peaceful life with your dog.


If you chose the right dog for yourself, I can help you by buying dog`s basic equipment or advise you how to built a proper and secure home for your new dog. I can help you to find the right food for example. I can help you also with tips and tricks to spend the first days and weeks with your new dog relaxed and easy. If you are seaching for a dog coach, who can do all that for and togehter with you, then you are here at the right place. Just get in contact with me and we will meet soon.